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JAN-PRO Identifies Des Moines, Iowa as Ideal Market for Growth
The nation’s leading commercial cleaning franchise is looking for Master and unit franchisees to own and develop the untapped Des Moines market.

Demand for top-tier commercial cleaning services has never been higher. But despite that spike in popularity, there’s only one brand consistently making the most out of those potential business opportunities: JAN-PRO. With nearly 8,000 units across the globe, the brand is the number one fastest growing company in the industry. And now, JAN-PRO is bringing its unrivaled services and unique business model to Des Moines, Iowa, a previously untapped target development market.

With a metro population of 623,200, according to Forbes, and the 6th place spot on the publication’s most recent list of the best places for businesses and careers, Des Moines offers JAN-PRO a strong business economy. Scott Thompson, the brand’s Vice President of Franchise Development, says that then opens the door for both master and unit franchisees to successfully launch their own businesses in the area.

“Des Moines is an ideal development market for the JAN-PRO brand. Its city is rich with businesses in need of our services, giving prospective franchisees the opportunity to tap into that heightened level of demand,” said Thompson. “We’re confident that local owners who sign on to bring JAN-PRO to Des Moines will be able to hit the ground running. Our proven business model and unparalleled support system have a long history of setting franchisees up for success, and there’s no doubt that the same will hold true in Iowa.”

JAN-PRO offers prospective owners the opportunity to be a Master Franchisee. That means that in addition to building their own successful business and driving the brand forward as a whole, Master Franchisees have the chance to help other entrepreneurs realize their potential as local business owners. It’s a one of a kind opportunity—the average JAN-PRO regional Master Franchisee brings in more than $4 million in gross billings with over $1 million in gross profit.

Startup costs for a new Master Franchisee are initially based on a franchise fee of $20,000 per 100,000 population. By JAN-PRO’s estimations, that initial investment should fall between $172,750 and $757,000 depending on other factors like real estate and location.

“We’re excited to team up with passionate and driven franchisees across the Des Moines area. Between our proven model and their knowledge of the local market, there’s no limit to JAN-PRO’s potential growth across the city in the months and years to come,” Thompson said.

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