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JAN-PRO’s Master Franchisee Model Allows Entrepreneur to Successfully Build His Own Business
Torrence Shealy continues to see his business grow across the Carolinas every single year.

When Torrence Shealy was ready for a career change, he knew he wanted to go into business for himself. So he started doing some research to find a proven model and unrivaled business opportunity that would provide a return on his investment. But it wasn’t until he turned to a few of his friends for advice that he came across JAN-PRO.

With nearly 8,000 units across the globe, JAN-PRO is the number one fastest growing commercial cleaning company in the industry. That’s why it’s not surprising that two of Shealy’s friends are unit franchisees with the brand themselves. Because their experience had been so positive, Shealy decided to hop on board and pursue business ownership. Since making that decision over six years ago, he’s never looked back.

Today, Shealy works as one of the brand’s Master Franchisees with territories covering both North and South Carolina. He says it’s the strong sense of community that ultimately makes JAN-PRO so successful.

“There’s a great deal of support among the Master Franchisee community. That’s something that makes us stand out not just in the commercial cleaning industry, but in the franchising industry as a whole,” said Shealy. “Everyone who works with JAN-PRO—no matter where they’re located—is willing to share their expertise and experiences to help other Master Franchisees succeed. The same goes for the corporate team—they’re here to help us run the best possible business.”

Beyond his role as a Master Franchisee, Shealy also currently serves as JAN-PRO’s Advisory Council President. The council works to further connect Master and unit franchisees within the brand’s system—they listen to and collect feedback from members of the JAN-PRO team and then present their findings during the brand’s annual meeting. Initiatives launched from the Advisory Council’s efforts cover a wide range of topics, including general systems, business methods, best practices and training techniques.

“JAN-PRO is always working to make improvements to its franchise system. Even though it’s already operating successfully in communities across the country, the brand goes above and beyond to make sure it’s getting better every single day,” said Shealy. “Signing on to become a JAN-PRO Master Franchisee has been an excellent decision for me and my family. I’m seeing incredible results—business has gone up every year. And that growth stems from both new and existing accounts, which is a clear sign that the brand’s system is doing something right.”

JAN-PRO is constantly growing by adding Master Franchisees like Shealy to its system. Startup costs for new Master Franchisees are initially based on a franchise fee of $20,000 per 100,000 population. The brand estimates that the total investment should typically range from $172,750 to $757,000. And according to JAN-PRO’s Item 19 earnings claim, Master Franchisees can make nearly $4 million in annual revenue and nearly $1 million in gross profit.

“Master Franchsiees like Torrence are the backbone of JAN-PRO’s entire operation. They’re ultimately the fuel behind our continued growth,” said Scott Thompson, Vice President of Franchise Development for JAN-PRO. “Our main goal is to give them the tools and resources they need to succeed. By continuing to offer our support and guidance, there’s no doubt that the JAN-PRO brand will continue to expand its reach in the months and years to come.”