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Cleaning & Maintenance Management: How JAN-PRO Fights Infections in Health Care Facilities
The leading commercial cleaning franchise is making progress in the fight against antibiotic-resistant bacteria in health care facilities across the country.
Infection in U.S. healthcare facilities remains one of the biggest issues in the cleaning industry today, but methods continue to improve. Cleaning & Maintenance Management recently spoke with Jan-Pro executive vice president Dennis Thompson about the bacteria conditions plaguing healthcare facilities and what Jan-Pro is doing to combat them.
Thompson told the magazine that the issue stems mainly from bacterial infections that are resistant to antibiotics, requiring new methods for proper disinfecting.
“Most disinfectant solutions, over the past decades, have killed microbes by covering them; the solutions had to sit on a surface for a various amount of minutes. What we use chemically [now] doesn't poison microbes, it mechanically destroys the cell wall and neutralizes it—so we get very quick kills,” Thompson told Cleaning & Maintenance Management.

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