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JAN-PRO Master Franchisees Continue to See Success Nearly 20 Years After Launching Their Business
Master Franchisees Gregg Prescott and Steve Brodack have more than 150 local franchise owners in their system.

With nearly 8,000+ units across the globe, there’s no doubt that JAN-PRO is the number one fastest-growing commercial cleaning company in the industry. That impressive growth is fueled by the brand’s Master Franchisees who bring the brand to new communities and establish a system of other unit franchisees.

Gregg Prescott and Steve Brodack are two of those Master Franchisees. They first joined JAN-PRO’s ever-growing system back in 1997, when there were only three other Master Owners in the brand’s entire system. For nearly two decades, Prescott and Brodack have grown with JAN-PRO, and seen the company evolve to be the industry leader that it is today.

“The growth that JAN-PRO has experienced since we first became Master Owners is kind of crazy. At the beginning, the brand’s corporate support team was made up of two people,” said Prescott. “Now, we’re in 14 different countries with support teams established across the world. I really can’t say enough about the people who are a part of this franchise system—there’s a tangible commitment to make sure everyone is successful.”

To say that Prescott and Brodack have been successful would be an understatement—the business partners have established a network of more than 600 customers and over 150 local franchise owners. By working with JAN-PRO’s corporate team, they’ve been able to turn a business they knew nothing about into a lifelong passion.

“We didn’t know anything about the janitorial business when we first started out. But there was a group of people in place who were there to support us and show us the ropes,” said Prescott. “That’s why JAN-PRO is such a unique business—there’s no reinventing the wheel. You have all the benefits of running your own business without being completely on your own.”

JAN-PRO is continuously looking for passionate entrepreneurs to bring its brand to new regions of the country. Startup costs for new Master Franchisees are initially based on a franchisee fee of $20,000 per 100,000 population. The brand estimates the total investment should range from $172,750 to $757,000. According to JAN-PRO’s Item 19 earnings claim, Master Franchisees can make nearly $4 million in annual revenue and nearly $1 million in gross profit.

“Master Franchisees like Gregg and Steve are the best of what JAN-PRO has to offer. After nearly 20 years in business, they’re still expanding the brand across the South Jersey and Delaware markets,” said Scott Thompson, Vice President of Franchise Development for JAN-PRO. “Ultimately, our mission is to help every local business owner in our system reach that same level of success.”