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Midland Reporter-Telegram: JAN-PRO Seeks Master Franchisee for Development in Midland
The city is one of the top markets in the country for young entrepreneurs.
Midland was recently named one of the top markets in the country for young entrepreneurs, and the Midland Reporter-Telegram spoke with Jan-Pro vice president of franchise development Scott Thompson about the Jan-Pro brand and their plans in the Midland area.
According to the article, Jan-Pro likes Midland as a possible spot for a new Master Franchisee.
Said Thompson, “I’ve been here recruiting. That big blue sky is amazing. Our target is 50,000 square feet or less and we specialize in medical facilities, dealerships, banks, churches. Commercial cleaning may not be sexy, but once you dig into our model, you get excited.”
Thompson also pointed out that younger entrepreneurs can leverage their social media marketing tools to generate more business leads, and that the brand has already seen some interest from the Midland area.
Said Thompson, “For millennials, yes it’s cleaning, but it’s also business ownership. It takes time. They have to be a good fit.”

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