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JAN-PRO Franchisee's Commitment to Helping Entrepreneurs Grow Their Business Leads to Brand's Top Honor
Kevin Johnson, master owner of JAN-PRO in Minneapolis, received this year's Franny Award.

Twenty-five years after its founding, JAN-PRO—the nation’s leading commercial cleaning franchise—has a lot to celebrate. The brand’s global network is made up of thousands of unit and master franchisees, and it currently serves more than 35,000 customers in 13 different countries. That impressive reach is a direct result of the unparalleled level of passion and dedication that JAN-PRO owners bring to the table on a daily basis.

In order to honor that heightened level of commitment, JAN-PRO recognizes its top franchisees with annual awards. The Franny Award is the most prestigious—it’s presented to the top franchise based on net gain growth, franchise sales, account sales and assistance to other master owners. This year, the Franny Award went to Kevin Johnson, the master franchisee behind JAN-PRO’s thriving Minneapolis location.

“There’s no doubt that Kevin is deserving of this year’s Franny Award—he ranked as one of the leaders in virtually every category,” said Eddie Curry, president and CEO of JAN-PRO’s parent company Premium Franchise Brands. “He’s a perfect example of everything we look for in master franchisees, particularly his commitment to helping other entrepreneurs grow their businesses.”

Johnson first joined JAN-PRO’s franchise system back in 2004 because of that unique opportunity to help other local business owners get their start. He says the brand’s focus on training its franchisees really sets JAN-PRO apart in a highly competitive industry.

“JAN-PRO makes it easy for its local owners—both local and master—to succeed. The brand is constantly working to make sure it’s utilizing the highest quality products and training its franchisees to follow the best industry practices. That’s ultimately why I decided to pursue entrepreneurship with JAN-PRO in the first place,” Johnson said.

That decision to invest with JAN-PRO as a master franchisee has definitely been a positive one. By developing the Minneapolis market, Johnson has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs get into business for themselves. He says he’s motivated by his team of employees and franchisees who are consistently referring their friends and family members to invest with the brand.

Today, there are currently about 130 franchises operating in Johnson’s territory.

“I see JAN-PRO as a family—not just the people in my office, but also the other master franchise owners throughout the entire system,” said Johnson. “This company is home to a level of talent that drives us all to be better each and every day, which will ultimately allow the brand to see continued success for years to come.”

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