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Biz New Orleans Magazine: Business Consultant Believes JAN-PRO could be Ticket to New Start
As the local demand for business opportunities grows, more and more people are considering franchise options like JAN-PRO.

Charles Smith spent 20 years in business in Southeast Louisiana but was ready to make a change, make an impact.

After a two-year search, Smith and his wife Melissa finally landed on a franchise to own: JAN-PRO. Today, the couple owns the rights to JAN-PRO in all of Louisiana, and they’re always growing and expanding.

“We had one of the fastest first year starts in the company’s 25 year history,” Charles explains. “We opened 25 franchises in our first year and currently have 55. In September we’ll hit our company’s two-year anniversary and we just hit $2 million in revenue.”

Charles explained that he has been very satisfied with his decision to become a JAN-PRO franchisee.

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