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JAN-PRO Is Seeking A Master Franchisee To Own And Develop The Fast-Growing Tulsa, Oklahoma Market
The leading commercial cleaning company is gearing up for a resale in Tulsa, which opens the door to more expansion opportunities.

With more than 11,000 franchise units worldwide, JAN-PRO is one of the franchising industry’s fastest growing brands. For over two decades, the leading commercial cleaning company has been extremely successful in its efforts to bring its services to new communities across the globe. But now JAN-PRO is focusing those efforts in one key target market: Tulsa, Oklahoma.

JAN-PRO is looking for a new Master Franchisee to lead development in the Tulsa territory. The brand, which already has a strong presence in the area, is gearing up for a resale. With a metro population of 970,100, according to Forbes, Tulsa offers a promising business economy for JAN-PRO. The area is also home to 12,329 businesses that match the brand’s criteria.

“We’re incredibly excited about the opportunity to get a new leader in Tulsa,” said Scott Thompson, vice president of franchise development for JAN-PRO’s parent company Premium Franchise Brands. “The city’s business presence is growing, which gives a Master Franchisee the chance to really come in and own the market.”

Given Tulsa’s solid demographic breakdown and ability to support JAN-PRO’s booming business, the brand anticipates the market sustaining 100 franchise units.

The benefits of being a JAN-PRO Master Franchisee are extensive. People in the position are able to lead their unit franchisees and help them realize their potential as business owners while working to move the brand forward. The average Master Franchisee can expect to see over $4.5 million in gross revenue and over $1 million in gross profit per the brands 2016 Franchise Disclosure Document Item 19.

“Every time we have an owner that sells their existing market to a new Master Franchisee, we see a spike in growth. That new energy and desire to succeed really helps take territories like Tulsa to the next level,” said Thompson. “Master Franchisees are the driving force behind the JAN-PRO brand, and it’s their passion for our business that ultimately opens up the door to more franchise sales.”

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