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Ocala Star Banner: JAN-PRO Targeting Marion County, Florida for Expansion
JAN-PRO is looking for franchisees to serve the 4,500 qualified businesses currently in Ocala, Florida.

As one of the top 10 cities in the United States expected to see rapid economic growth this year, commercial construction has become prevalent as investors target Marion County for expansion. One franchise that’s working to capitalize on this growth, JAN-PRO, is looking for franchisees to serve the 4,500 qualified potential businesses currently in Ocala. Aside from commercial buildings, JAN-PRO workers are certified to clean medical facilities which fits Ocala’s unique business demographic.

“Most companies now are looking for a professional-grade cleaning service,” Thompson said. “We’re insured and bonded and can afford to buy the most advanced (cleaning) technologies.” People that simply start their own cleaning service “don’t have the same systems and procedures,” Thompson said.

The brand has been able to sell out all of its Florida territories to master franchisors except Ocala due to the high demand for janitorial services following the recession. Currently, the lucrative industry has created $320 million in revenue for JAN-PRO.

Maid Right master franchisee Cliff Nonnenmacher was previously an investment banker before making the jump into franchising. He purchased his franchise in 2015 and has since sold 12 unit franchises in his territory. He owes much of his success to independently finding clients and pricing out the jobs.

“(Investment banking) wasn’t for me,” he said. “But I’ve loved business and self-employment.”

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