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FranNet's Mike Hall Enjoys Business Relationship with JAN-PRO
Hall has placed four investors in the brand's Master Owner program
FranNet Franchise Business Consultant Mike Hall has been assisting entrepreneurs succeed in business for more than 20 years. Hall is the President and Owner of Franchise Resource Group Ltd., or FranNet Carolina. FranNet is a franchise consulting service that helps entrepreneurs not just fulfill their dreams of becoming business owners, but find sound business opportunities that they can grow with.

Hall has helped find a number of business opportunities for investors over his career, but two companies he has enjoyed working with over the years is commercial cleaning franchise JAN-PRO. Hall has placed three investors in the JAN-PRO Master program. The two brands’ master programs are an opportunity for investors to own a market and reward unit franchises to investors and help them succeed. Hall said this type of investment opportunity is great for people and he enjoys doing it.

“What’s great about JAN-PRO master program is that it allows entrepreneurs to build a larger business, rather than just owning one franchise. It’s a franchise brand that produces and can remain profitable for masters for years to come,” Hall said. “With JAN-PRO, master owners and franchisees are able to give back. They can create jobs by finding franchise opportunities for investors, which is great.”

There are a number of benefits to being a Master Owner for JAN-PRO at. Potential owners can help create jobs in an area and have recurring revenue. The total investment for a JAN-PRO Master Owner territory should range from $172,750 to $757,000, depending on real estate, location and working capital needs.

The two brands provide thorough training to help teach new investors about the industry and how to run the operations for the business. Hall said one of the great things about the brand and a key to their success is the support and training they offer their master and single unit franchisees.

“Both JAN-PRO offer a quality and extensive training program for their investors, which is one of the reasons why they are so successful. But one of the things that makes these two brands a wise investment is they are continually helping their masters. They provide continued education to answer any questions they many have and understand what is working and not working,” Hall said. “Watching how they treat their masters and the support they offer is first class.”

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