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Kim Daly of FranChoice Changes Lives Through JAN-PRO
As a consultant for FranChoice, Kim Daly has paired dozens of business owners with the perfect franchise opportunity, including JAN-PRO.

Kim Daly knows that taking the leap into business ownership can be a difficult one. But as a consultant for FranChoice, a company that helps prospective franchisees identify that right franchise opportunity, she’s making big life decisions a little easier.

Before joining FranChoice, Daly got her first taste of business by way of the corporate world. She worked closely with hundreds of different franchise companies. Her role was multi-faceted and afforded her day-to-day interaction with franchise CEOs, presidents and sales directors. As a sales and marketing professional, Kim helped her clients significantly improve their prospect generating processes. As a consultant, she helped franchise companies improve their overall franchise system by implementing programs aimed at creating positive prospect experiences and improving franchisee satisfaction.

By the late ‘90s Daly followed her entrepreneurial spirit and passion for health and fitness and dove into the “dot-com” frenzy. Her first company, BeHealthyNow.com, became the health and fitness marketplace at USATODAY.com. Over the next three years, Daly became a highly sought-after business development consultant for health and wellness start-ups.

That experience served her well, and today, she brings comprehensive franchise knowledge, business development experiences and entrepreneurial endeavors serve her well as a FranChoice Consultant. As a passionate devotee to fitness, she brings energy and a positive spirit to her candidates. She believes in the power of focus to change lives, and she thrives on the opportunity to help people realize their dreams.

After spending nearly 14 years with FranChoice, Daly has worked with dozens of franchises, but there’s one in particular that stands out—JAN-PRO. She has helped to introduce countless executive-level entrepreneurs to the brand’s Master Franchisee system.

“JAN-PRO’s system is unique. It’s reserved for the executive that has a really big vision. It’s for the people who have a strong desire to not just create jobs, but to create life-changing opportunities for small business owners,” Daly said. “They’re given this incredible opportunity to mentor and coach others. But by helping unit franchisees grow, they’re growing, too.”

Daly believes being successful as a JAN-PRO Master Franchisee boils down to two key attributes: The business owner must have great leadership skills and he or she must be passionate about doing good for others. In addition to being a lucrative and sustainable opportunity with one of the country’s fastest-growing companies, in the end, joining the JAN-PRO team is also something that people can feel good about. They’re not just getting into the janitorial business—they’re changing lives.

“People will come to me seeking a great opportunity. I start telling them about a company that has a reputation and the kind of professionalism only seen on the elite level of franchisors. I tell them about its history and how financially stable it is. And I tell them about how this is helping hundreds of blue-collar families by providing them with a chance to finally create something with meaning—something that can build a legacy for their kids. I then tell them that all of this resides in a company that does commercial cleaning—JAN-PRO,” Daly said. “It’s all about keeping an open mind, and welcoming opportunity where you least expect it. Once people hear the JAN-PRO story, they realize this is a company that is so much more than what meets the eye.”