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JAN-PRO Sets Its Sights On Expansion In North Carolina
The brand is looking for a leader to expand its booming business in Wilmington, North Carolina.

JAN-PRO, the world’s leading and fastest growing commercial cleaning franchise, is sweeping the nation. The brand is actively bringing its unparalleled services to new communities across the country with the help of its expert Master Franchise Owners. Now, JAN-PRO would like to add a Master Franchisee in Wilmington, North Carolina, who will lead other unit franchisees in the region and help them succeed.

The brand is already active in the Wilmington area—JAN-PRO utilizes a network of skilled subcontractors in the city. But there is plenty of room to expand and establish the JAN-PRO brand. With a metro population of 273,000, according to Forbes, Wilmington offers a promising business economy. The city also ranked 35th on the publication’s 2015 list of “Best Places for Businesses and Careers,” coming in 17th in the “Cost of Doing Business” category.

“Wilmington was an obvious next step for us in our efforts to bring JAN-PRO to new communities,” said Scott Thompson, JAN-PRO’s Vice President of Development. “The city offers countless opportunities for our cleaning services, from major business offices to universities. We’re confident JAN-PRO will thrive there.”

There are many benefits of being a JAN-PRO Master Franchisee. People in the position are able to help others realize their potential as business owners while working to move the brand forward as a whole themselves. According to Item 19 in JAN-PRO’s latest Franchise Disclosure Document, the average Master Franchisee can expect to see over $4.5 million in gross revenue and over $1 million in gross profit every year.

“Our goal is to see all of our franchises become integral parts of their local communities,” said Thompson. “Master Franchisees drive that effort by creating a network of franchisees who share their passion and love for the JAN-PRO brand. When the right leader and team come together in a city like Wilmington, it’s a guaranteed success story.”

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