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JAN-PRO Sets Sights on North Florida
After seeing success in Jacksonville and Orlando, JAN-PRO is targeting Ocala, Florida for growth.

Justin Cali has helped JAN-PRO succeed in Florida.

As the president and owner of JAN-PRO in Jacksonville and Orlando, his system has 90 franchisees and more than 550 customer accounts. Year-over-year, his revenue growth has exceeded $1.5 million, and in 2014, he was selected as JAN-PRO’s Master Franchise Owner of the Year. For Cali, he credits his success to two simple things: service and exceptional franchisees.

“We retain 98.8 percent of our clients—that’s a testament to our incredible network of franchisees, who live and breath the JAN-PRO model every single day,” Cali said.

The Orlando and Jacksonville territory has helped his business succeed, too. Combined, the two areas have a population well over two million, and it’s a bustling city that’s home to both families and businesses alike.

Cali’s success in Central Florida has inspired the brand to expand their reach. Now, JAN-PRO is targeting Ocala, Florida for continued development—and they’re looking for a Master Franchisee to lead the venture.

With a population of 57,000 residents, Ocala might be a smaller territory than Orlando or Jacksonville, but as a growing mid-sized city, Cali believes it offers just as much opportunity for potential business owners. He also believes that by utilizing the same growth tactics he enacted in Orland and Jacksonville, the next Ocala Master Franchisee can be another JAN-PRO success story.

“Ocala might be smaller in scope when compared to Orlando, for example, but the same principles apply to gaining foothold in a new region—it starts with bringing the perfect Master Franchisee on board,” Cali said. “This is a perfect opportunity for someone to repurpose their leadership, business management, sales and marketing experiences to build their own business. The JAN-PRO Master Franchisees develop and support a local team of unit franchise owners, who then provide the company’s exceptional cleaning services to the community. This system has helped JAN-PRO thrive in Florida, and Ocala will be no exception.”

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