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JAN-PRO Enlists Different Subcontractors for Different Jobs
The brand vets these subcontractors, to ensure they are the best in the business
JAN-PRO—the fastest-growing commercial cleaning franchise—services a number of different avenues. The franchisor performs jobs for schools and universities, restaurants, fitness centers, medical centers, banks and countless amounts of offices across the country. No job is too hard for the skilled employees of JAN-PRO, but in markets without a JAN-PRO Master Franchisee to man the ship they call subcontractors.

The brand also uses subcontractors to help franchisees with specific cleaning requests for the brand. Shane Connell, director of national services for JAN-PRO, said they will call upon a subcontractor if a regional franchisee needs extra help with a particular request, such as window washing or grout cleaning.

Subcontractors for the brand can also be a point of contact for clients. For instance, Connell referenced franchisees that came to him about performing a task for a valued client that was a bit outside their territory. The brand contacted a nearby subcontractor to help with the job. The partnership is a way to provide a service and keep in contact with future clients.

Finding a subcontractor can be as easy as searching the Internet for the best window washers in a region, but Connell said they take extra steps to ensure they are hiring the best and most qualified contractors.

“We want to make sure that when we do subcontract work or partner with a company, we’re looking to vet these guys and work with solid companies,” Connell said. “We are presenting to our clients a certain brand, and we want to make sure we are partnering with only the best subcontractors.”

Connell went on to say that they have employed about 91 subcontractors, and they continue to receive referrals for new subcontractors from different vendors they have worked with. They will vet these parties by making sure they have the proper insurance requirements, have good references and a spotless background check. They also need to have a good track record of service.

“Finding subcontractors is easier than it was a few years ago. As a large janitorial company and we have a large network to call upon for expert advice. That way we can ask who the best subcontractors for the job are,” Connell said. “If I get a great referral from a trusted company, all parties involved can be rest assured that they’re receiving the best service possible.”

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