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JAN-PRO is Helping to Clean up Tallahasee, Florida
With the assistance of a local subcontractor, JAN-PRO is expanding their services in Tallahasee, Florida.

Born and raised in Tallahasee, Florida, Jim Thompson is helping to keep his hometown clean as the president of Bio-Chem Cleaning Service.

As a subcontractor with JAN-PRO, Bio-Chem Cleaning Service has been an established part of the Tallahasee community for more than 25 years, and the company’s goal is simple: Promote clean and healthy office environments throughout the community with the promise of quality service.

Since 1991, JAN-PRO has grown to be the leading global commercial cleaning company with the largest geographic footprint in the U.S. This currently equates to regularly servicing more than 300 million square feet of commercial space, and subcontractors like Bio-Chem are continually contributing to those growing numbers.

According to Thompson, Bio-Chem offers professional cleaning tailored to each location’s needs—whether it be one time per week or seven times per week. He believes that their green cleaning service helps Bio-Chem stand out in the janitorial services industry. On a normal day, the company generally handles everything from trash collection, vacuuming, mopping and disinfecting, to restroom cleaning, carpet cleaning and pressure washing.

“By choosing a green cleaning program, we’ve been able to offer our clients increased safety, a reduced environmental impact, reduced costs, increased occupant and worker satisfaction and a reduction in workplace pollutants,” Thompson said. “We’re proud to offer JAN-PRO clients the best and safest cleaning service in the Tallahassee region.”

With a bustling population of nearly 188,000 residents, Tallahassee is a market filled with immense potential. Working with JAN-PRO has enabled the company to expand their business throughout the area, and Thompson is looking forward to evolving alongside the fast-growing commercial cleaning company in the years to come.

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