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JAN-PRO Awards Two Scholarships to Family Members of JAN-PRO Franchisees
The scholarships given to Valaria Frazier and Desirea Simmons will help offset college expenses
JAN-PRO of Savannah-Charleston recently awarded two $2,500 scholarships as part of the brand’s Your Family First Scholarship program. Valaria Frazier and Desirea Simmons were the two scholarship recipients. The scholarships will be used to help fund college expenses for the family members of JAN-PRO franchisees in Savannah-Charleston.

The program was created in 2014, and in that year, the brand awarded 70 scholarships. JAN-PRO handed out 70 scholarships again in 2015, totaling about $150,000. Rob Woods, the Master Franchisee of the Savannah-Charleston JAN-PRO, helped choose the recipients, and said the program is a great way to reward the students’ hard work.

"So many of our franchisees have told us they joined the JAN-PRO system in order to build a business and provide for their families," Woods said. “There is no better legacy than a great education. By giving back this way, we know we are helping our terrific franchisees by helping offset rising education costs.”

Eddie Curry, President and CEO of JAN-PRO’s parent company Premium Franchise Brands, said handing out the scholarships is a testament to the hard work done by the franchisees.

“One of the key things we instill in our franchisees when they sign on is that we are a family,” Curry said. “We want our franchisees to feel they can pass on their business to their kids and by providing the runway to a college education, we can set these children up for success with our Your Family First Scholarship program. We want to recognize our franchisees’ tireless efforts and reward their children for their hard work as well.”

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