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How JAN-PRO Looks to Continue Winning in Wisconsin
Up next on their nationwide sprawl is Green Bay, Wisconsin, and JAN-PRO is on the hunt for someone to lead the charge.

JAN-PRO, the commercial cleaning industry’s fastest-growing franchise according to Entrepreneur Magazine, is on the move, and they’re looking to sweep the nation.

Scott Thompson, JAN-PRO’s vice president of franchise development, says the brand has been mapping its existing territories and looking at the gaps that remain. There are 75 territories where JAN-PRO would like to add Master Franchisees, who reward franchises and help other franchisees succeed. Thompson explains that these aren’t your typical metropolitan areas targeted for growth—they have all been carefully selected based on their economics and promise for growth.
Up next on their nationwide sprawl is Green Bay, Wisconsin, and JAN-PRO is on the hunt for someone to lead the charge. With the cost of living more than eight percent lower than the national average, according to Forbes, Green Bay has become a major hub for commercial business. This is a great sign and a major reason JAN-PRO is targeting the market for growth.
“There are many benefits of being a Master Franchisee, one of the most appealing being the recurring revenue. Master Franchisees propel the brand they love by helping others get their own small business. It’s rewarding for them to see people realize their dreams of business ownership,” Thompson said. “But ultimately, our growth model is scalable, and each year Master Franchisees build on their success.”
According to the JAN-PRO Franchise Disclosure Document’s Item 19 earnings claim, JAN-PRO Master Owners can make nearly $4-million in annual revenue and nearly $1-million in annual profit.
Startup costs for a new Master Franchisee are initially based on a franchise fee of $20,000 per 100,000 population. JAN-PRO estimates that the total investment should range from $172,750 to $757,000, depending on real estate, location and working capital needs.
Within Wisconsin itself, Richard Johnsen has already helped the brand make its mark in Milwaukee. As the territory’s Master Franchisee for nearly 11 years, he’s watched JAN-PRO grow throughout the city. Based on his success in Milwaukee, Johnsen believes Green Bay, a city that’s home to more than 100,000 residents, is the next logical step for the brand in Wisconsin.
“Green Bay is one of the great mid-sized cities of the Midwest, and it also has a ton to offer—from culture and sports to new business ventures, it’s a great place to establish yourself and your career,” Johnsen said. “With the help of the right Master Owner, Green Bay will have the same amount of growth that we’ve seen in Milwaukee.”
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