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Mark Liebich to Develop JAN-PRO in Boise, Idaho
Liebich previously worked with Sandella's Flatbread Cafe, which had 130 franchise units by the time he left.

Mark Liebich understands the rigors of running a franchise. For nearly 15 years he has been in the trenches, executing sales for new locations and providing franchisees with the tools they need to get the job done. Now, Liebich will be bringing his expertise to the JAN-PRO family as the new Master Franchisee for the Boise, Idaho territory.

Boasting a population over 214,000 and growing, dozens of government buildings, restaurants and schools—just a handful of JAN-PRO’s many client categories—stretch across the state’s 80 square miles of mountain ranges and charming townscapes. And with a wealth of ground to be cleaned by JAN-PRO’s award-winning services and patented technology, the brand is ready to stake their claim throughout Boise—and Liebich is the perfect Master Franchisee to execute that vision.
With years of experience under his belt, Liebich will be leading the development of franchises throughout the Boise territory. Before coming to JAN-PRO, Liebich managed Sandella’s Flatbread Cafe. He mostly dealt with franchise sales and the brand had 130 units by the time he left the company. After parting ways with Sandella’s, Liebich was looking for a new opportunity in the franchising world that that had a strong infrastructure, would allow him to grow over time and let him and his family to stay in their hometown—Boise. JAN-PRO was the perfect match. 
Scott Thompson, vice president of franchise development for JAN-PRO’s parent company Premium Franchise Brands, said he is enthusiastic about Liebich joining the company, and he’s confident he’ll catapult the brand’s development in the Boise market.
“Having Mark join the team is a fantastic opportunity for JAN-PRO, as we are looking to expand our locations, especially in Idaho,” Thompson said. “We feel that the Boise market is a perfect one to develop as there are many homeowners and businesses there and we feel Mark is the perfect person to help develop it.”
Within the next year, the brand is looking to launch several franchises in the territory.