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JAN-PRO Targets Continued Growth in Colorado
For Scott Hockensmith, Colorado is a large state with immense potential.

For the Hockensmith’s, running a JAN-PRO business is a family affair.

Upon graduating with his MBA, Scott began working in sales, where he worked his way up to become the director of global sales for Siemens. Meanwhile, Candy, his wife, taught business communications seminars across the country, and Scott Jr., their eldest son, also joined the ranks at Siemens, where he worked as a sales executive, generating new business for the brand.

Combining their corporate experiences, Scott, Candy and Scott Jr., decided to expand the JAN-PRO business by helping other franchisees achieve success with their own businesses. From managing sales force education to conducting training workshops and communication seminars, the team of three combined their experience to positively affect the brand and every franchisee working with JAN-PRO.

“We chose JAN-PRO because it’s a business that is easily expandable and is also recession-proof. JAN-PRO’s business model has a strong infrastructure with all master franchise owners being directly involved with each franchisee. The brand is also extremely family-oriented and consumer friendly,” Scott said. “As a family, we did look at other types of franchises, such as food and retail, but we wanted to focus on an industry that could withstand the recession that was ongoing in 2002. Commercial cleaning will always be needed, and JAN-PRO was No. 1 in the entire industry.”

In 2002, the family opened the first JAN-PRO location in Colorado, and since then, their efforts have spearheaded growth of the brand throughout the entire state. By 2014, the Hockensmith’s Denver team was elected as the No. 1 franchise in the system by the JAN-PRO International team, who base the award off of franchise sales, account sales and account retention. Today, the family currently has about 170 active unit franchisees.

“We believe the market can hold an unlimited number of units. Colorado is a large state with lots of room for growth and development. With no overlapping franchisees, we can continue to fill the gaps and expand throughout Colorado.”