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Brad Rush Expands JAN-PRO Throughout Atlanta
Since 2001, Brad Rush has served as the president and CEO of JAN-PRO's Atlanta headquarters.

Brad Rush has helped take the JAN-PRO brand far in Atlanta, Georgia.

Since 2001, Rush has served as the president and CEO of JAN-PRO’s Atlanta headquarters, and to date, he has helped build a strong network of 230 franchisees. His success has trickled down—in total, these franchisees manage more than 1,000 customer accounts, helping to bring in annual revenue of $12.5 million.

Rush’s JAN-PRO business has a two-fold benefit to the community—he’s helping to provide both rewarding employment opportunities for the franchisees and also first-rate cleaning processes to many of the local businesses. Currently, some of his clients include the area’s Boys and Girls Clubs, local golf clubs, physicians’ offices and regional colleges. In 2014, Rush was awarded the esteemed Mentor Award during a national JAN-PRO conference in San Antonio, Texas for his far-reaching efforts.

“We’re not in the business of just being effective cleaners. We’re doing everything we can to make our franchisees special business owners,” Rush said. “We offer continuous training and we help and assist with back office support, such as taking care of invoices. We do this so that our owners can focus their time on making sure their customers are taking care of. This ultimately helps our franchisees grow their businesses without having to spend more money out of pocket.”

After nearly 14 years with JAN-PRO, Rush believes that his success as a master owner is dependent on the success of his franchisees.

“Our business is contingent on how well our franchisees perform. Everything we do revolves around that component,” Rush said. “I believe that I’ve been able to help create something special enough that can last from generation to generation. This is an incredible way to help your community and help future business owners.”