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Franchisee Rob Woods Has Sustained Success with JAN-PRO For Over a Decade
Woods says prospective franchisees will feel the reward of owning a business.
Franchising can be an extraordinary investment opportunity for those looking to try new business avenues and get into business for themselves. Franchise brands have training systems in place, can help with marketing to certain territories and they supply you with the necessary items in order to get the job done. That is one of the reasons why JAN-PRO Master Franchisee, Rob Woods decided to get into the business.
Before he came on board with JAN-PRO, he worked in the corporate world with a sales background working for technology company, Cisco Systems. He decided to depart from that world and came on board with JAN-PRO, where he has been for the last decade in South Carolina. When the opportunity to invest in the brand came along, he couldn’t pass it up. What drew him to it was how easily he could transition from his former career to running a business. He credits JAN-PRO’s top-notch infrastructure for giving him the tools to succeed and the tools to help others succeed with their unit franchise businesses.
“I liked the overall challenges and rewards of operating and owning your own business,” Woods said. “JAN-PRO has enough systems in place that you can follow to help you run your own business.”
He went on to say that although he has seen tremendous success with the franchise in his 10 years, there are still some obstacles he face. He recommends prospective Master Franchisees to have a laser-focus in their work and that will help them get through their challenges.
“There are certain challenges that come along, but it’s important to have strong customer service skills,” Woods said. “It’s a great opportunity for anyone that is interested, but it requires a lot of hard world. But after being in the business for 10 years it ultimately is very rewarding.”
Scott Thompson, director of franchise development for JAN-PRO’s parent company Premium Franchise Brands, said Woods is the type of franchisee the brand is looking for.
“At JAN-PRO, we have a streamlined training system and infrastructure that will provide an easy way to get started with the brand,” Thompson said. “We are always looking for new investors to come on board and we have systems in place to make it easy to franchise for those that are new to the business.”