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JAN-PRO Master Owner Awards Scholarship
Master Owner Jay Waldron awarding was a part of the JAN-PRO Your Family First Scholarship Program.
Giving back to the community can be one of the best perks for running a franchise. As a franchisee, you have a very close knit ring of clients and you want to make sure that you attend to every one of their needs. Providing great service is the first pillar of this step, but getting involved with the community that a franchise has set up shop in is invaluable. A closer bond with the neighborhood can be a great way to maintain a healthy level of success. Commercial-cleaning franchise JAN-PRO has taken a step further with their Your Family First Scholarship Program.

The commercial cleaning brand has been awarding scholarships to family members of unit-franchise owners. A recent scholarship was just awarded to Christopher Young, Jr., whose father is a unit owner in the Augusta-Aiken, Georgia area, Jay Waldron, who is the master owner for the market, said they are proud to award the scholarship and Young is a deserving candidate.

“We are pleased to have awarded the scholarship to Christopher and hope that this will help him in his college education,” Waldron. “His family has been an integral and successful part of the JAN-PRO family and he deserved this honor.”

The $1,000 scholarship JAN-PRO awarded will go a long way to helping pay for paying for schooling. Tuition costs have been steadily raising and Waldron went on to say that awarding this scholarship is an invaluable part of being a master owner and brings the brand closer to the community.
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