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JAN-PRO Awards Scholarship To Oklahoma City Franchise
Franchisee Manuel Manriquez's daughter was awarded the scholarship as part of the brand's Your Family First Scholarship Program.
JAN-PRO’S Oklahoma City franchise was awarded $2,500 in scholarships as part of the brand’s second annual Your Family First Scholarship Program. The scholarship was awarded to Gabriela Manriquez, who is the daughter of JAN-PRO franchisee Manuel Manriquez.

“We are extremely blessed to have a business owner like Manuel that is committed to the success of his business. We hope that this scholarship in some way helps Gabriela achieve her goals,” said Tony Craig, master owner of JAN-PRO’s Oklahoma City territory.

JAN-PRO set up the Your Family First Scholarship program as a way to help the family members of JAN-PRO franchisees pay for school and pursue their academic interests that will lead to a career. Cost for schooling has increased the past few years and JAN-PRO hopes the scholarship will assist families. The average cost of tuition and fees for the 2013-2014 school year was estimated to be $30,094 for private colleges, $8,893 for state residents at public colleges, and $22,203 for out-of-state residents attending public universities, according to the College Board.

Eddie Curry, CEO of JAN-PRO’s parent company Premium Franchise Brands, said another reason to start the scholarship program was to help prepare franchise owners’ families to take over the businesses or pursue other opportunities when they get older to leave a legacy.

“So many of our franchisees over the years have told us they joined JAN-PRO in order to build a business and leave a legacy for their families,” Curry said. “We know there is no greater legacy than a good education, so we recognized that giving back in this way helps reward both our hard working franchise owners and provides their families with the ability to offset the rising costs of a college education.”
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