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JAN-PRO Plans Large Growth in Delaware Market to Dominate Northeast Region
The commercial cleaning company plans to take advantage of untapped market to provide opportunities for all levels of prospective franchisees.

In theory, the franchising industry is something that is almost proven to provide profit and wealth to those who invest in the opportunity. But tapping into your life savings, retirement funds or even your children’s college savings is a tough move for a business that could have a potential to fail. Business ebbs and flows with trends, economy fluctuation and location so it can be tough to bite the bullet and buy into a franchise.

JAN-PRO, the commercial cleaning franchise, understands these frustrations and nerves, and has built a brand to provide opportunities for all levels of income in an industry that truly is recession proof for those who have a passion for business and wants to succeed.

“The two-tiered owner operator structure that is used by JAN-PRO is a unique opportunity in franchising,” said Brittany McLennan, Director of Franchise Development for Premium Franchise Brands. “This structure allows for each franchise owner to leverage their top skillsets to achieve success. The unit franchisees receive guaranteed revenue and get to focus on the consistent cleaning and customer service, while the master franchisee utilizes their executive level skillsets to create a large scalable business.”

The Atlanta-based company, which already has a strong presence on the east coast, is currently looking to expand within the Delaware market. From a numbers standpoint, the Delaware market has everything needed for a JAN-PRO tier three location. The company looks for areas with 5,000 to 19,999 businesses to open a tier three location and the Dover market alone have over 8,000 businesses.

“There is incredible growth potential for JAN-PRO in places like Dover,” said McLennan. “Our business is extremely recession resistant. Commercial cleaning isn’t a luxury, nor a fad, it is a service that is required for all business owners. Delaware is already a strong state for JAN-PRO and we’ve already seen great growth and development over the last twenty years by our office in the Wilmington, Delaware area.”

JAN-PRO is setup in a unique way where they have Master Franchise Owners buy a territory and then a unit franchisee is able to purchase a business from the Master Owner and build their own accounts. system is what makes JAN-PRO so appealing for all different types of entrepreneurs, no matter the type of background. While the Master Franchisee buys into the franchise at a much higher price, the unit franchisees can buy into the business at a significantly lower price, starting at $950, which is extremely attractive to those who are interested in becoming their own boss but might not meet the financial requirements of other franchises.

“When we craft a territory we are looking at businesses that have five or more employees,” said McLennan. “JAN-PRO has the opportunity to clean across thirteen different verticals, including schools, restaurants, hospitals, churches and offices. There are over 8,000 potential businesses that our Delaware master franchisee could get.”

This development of the Delaware area will provide incredible business ownership opportunities for both the Master Owners and Unit Franchisees, as well as the addition of several jobs for the franchisee’s employees. By growing into untapped territories, the opportunities are endless.

To learn more about the JAN-PRO company and franchise opportunity, visit their website