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JAN-PRO Provides Opportunity for Domestic Violence Survivor to Turn Life Around
Patricia Bustillos finds opportunity with JAN-PRO's unique business model to become her own boss

There are several instances where hard work, persistence and strong will pay off – Patricia Bustillos is one of them. As a Mexican immigrant and survivor of domestic violence, she came to America looking for something bigger and better. She met Sophia Guido, Albuquerque JAN-PRO Master Owner in 2014, and life changed as she knew it.

 “When she first came into our office in her mind she couldn’t do anything or say anything,” said Guido of the now unit franchisee. “Her mentors told her that getting her own business would be good for her and help her grown individually.”

Bustillos bought her franchise in October of 2014 at the $500 per month gross revenue plan. Unlike other franchise businesses, JAN-PRO offers a low buy-in price for those who are interested in owning a smaller business and really putting in the effort to make it successful. As a franchisee, you have the support from your Master Owner to help assist in training and other aspects to ensure success, however you also have the autonomy of owning your own business. This aspect was really attractive to Bustillos, she wanted the ability to be her own boss but have a strong support system with mentorship.  

“In just a year, you could physically see the difference in Patricia,” mentioned Guido. “She is more talkative with her customers and even brings other women from the women’s shelter that she was at into the business.”

It wasn’t long before Bustillos started to see her business growing at a rapid pace. Three years since opening, she is billing about $5,000 a month. Part of this success is her relationship she has with her clients. Since rebuilding her confidence, she talks to her clients all the time and makes sure that the work is up to their standards. She now is in a supervisory role with her employees while still helping out cleaning. By cleaning with her employees, she creates a sense of respect and determination within her business and is showcased to her clients. With the help of JAN-PRO and the opportunity to gain confidence, her sense of personal strength and value were rebuilt.

Bustillos is a member of the Albuquerque Hispano Chamber of Commerce, which is how she got in touch with her most recent and largest client. She recently acquired a contract with Coca-Cola, which will be her largest account to date. To help with this account she has brought on her two sons to assist her business.

Despite all previous obstacles, Bustillos never gave up on her dream to live a better life. She is constantly growing her business to allow other women and men like herself, who have seen a rough past, grow and become a strong and independent adult.

“I am truly proud of her and all that she has accomplished,” noted Guido. “That’s why I get up every day, to provide the opportunity to individuals like Patricia who have so much potential but need someone to give them a chance.”

To learn more about franchising opportunities with JAN-PRO, visit http://jan-pro.com/franchising/