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Brushaud Callis Worked for JAN-PRO Master Franchisees Before Becoming One Himself
JAN-PRO of San Antonio Master Franchisee celebrates steady success.

Brushaud Callis’ path to becoming a JAN-PRO Master Franchisee wasn’t the most typical.

He started out selling office equipment to San Antonio’s JAN-PRO Master Franchise team on behalf of another company.

“They kept trying to recruit me to be their sales representative,” Callis said. “That was seven years ago. I never even considered it because I didn’t know much about it; commercial cleaning didn’t exactly sound sexy. But I started doing my research because they were on me pretty tough about joining them. Research showed the cleaning business was solid and stable and San Antonio was a growing market.”

Once Callis realized the ripe opportunities in the region, he decided to come aboard. The Master Franchisees were in their early 60s, and soon enough, Callis and the couple set up a deal for them to retire and him to buy the business from them.

Beyond the potential of the commercial cleaning industry, Callis was eager to work with JAN-PRO as a Master Franchisee because of the brand’s differentiators.

JAN-PRO makes every effort to be No. 1 in all categories clients are looking for,” he said. “You get a lot of bullets to go to war with when you’re dealing with competition in the market. There are just so many selling points beyond price that give JAN-PRO a leg up.”

Once he took over, Callis said JAN-PRO’s corporate office was happy to lend a helping hand.

“They knew I knew a lot about the industry, but they were more than willing to send someone down to see how I was running the office,” he said. “She made a lot of positive suggestions that we honed in on and ultimately made changes.”

Callis said his business is doing outstanding, ranking in the top 10 in the nation as far as growth.

“All the goals that we’ve set in the past year and a half, we’ve pretty much hit just about every single one,” he said. “Last year my operations received the No. 2 ranking in the entire nation, and we’ve always kicked butt in sales. Right now we’re selling two or three new franchises every month.”

Callis said he plans to continue maximizing the potential in San Antonio, but is open to owning other markets in the Texas area down the line.

“I would definitely do it all over again,” he said with a laugh.