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Unique Two-Tiered Franchise Model Fuels JAN-PRO’s International Development Momentum as it Eyes Singapore for Growth
By partnering with local entrepreneurs to expand its reach in the country, the rapidly growing commercial cleaning brand is poised to capitalize on its position as an innovative leader on the global level.

Since its founding in 1991, JAN-PRO International has been setting a new standard for excellence in the $50 billion a year commercial cleaning industry. The brand’s proven business model that includes both Master and Unit Franchisees focuses on providing exceptional customer service to capitalize on growing demand in its segment and consistently stand out to consumers and business owners alike. That’s why the brand is building on its momentum to extend its international reach.

Today, JAN-PRO’s system is made up of 136 Master Franchisees totaling over 8,000 units across the globe. That network is spread across 14 countries, ultimately allowing the brand to service more than 40,000 customers. But JAN-PRO isn’t stopping there—the brand is actively looking to break into previously untapped development markets that are filled with unlimited growth potential. One of those markets is Singapore.

“There’s no doubt that Singapore will be a positive market for us going forward. As more businesses continue to enter the country, the need for our services will continue to climb. And given that JAN-PRO has solidified its position as the commercial cleaning brand to beat, we have a unique opportunity to make the most of this growth potential,” said Scott Thompson, vice president of development for JAN-PRO’s parent company Premium Franchise Brands. “Our current success in a variety of other international markets shows that we’ve created a model that can be replicated in any community. We’re looking forward to supporting local entrepreneurs across Singapore as they make JAN-PRO’s system their own.”

In order to break into the Singapore market, JAN-PRO is leveraging the global success that it experienced in 2016. Last year alone, the brand sold three international markets in key countries: Poland, the Dominican Republic and Panama. Expanding on that worldwide level isn’t an accident—JAN-PRO provides prospective franchisees with a one of a kind business ownership opportunity, starting with its two-tiered model. Master Franchisees are far from your typical owners. Instead, they operate as experienced executives who focus on developing a specific territory with the help of local Unit Franchisees. Those unit owners then operate their own individual businesses and are responsible for fulfilling cleaning activities

JAN-PRO supports both its Master and Unit Franchisees as they work to grow their businesses. The brand boasts competitive advantages that can’t be found anywhere else—because JAN-PRO isn’t solely reliant on major high-rise companies to be its clients, the brand services various verticals including health care facilities, automobile dealerships, learning centers, retail spaces, etc.  The brand can leverage opportunities for business that other companies can’t. JAN-PRO’s superior equipment, vendors, pricing, marketing materials and IT systems also provide Master and Unit franchisees with all of the tools and resources that they need to succeed on the back and front ends of their businesses.

“As we continue to expand in major international markets like Singapore, supporting our owners is more important than ever before. We’re fully committed to not only guiding our Master Franchisees through the entire grand opening process, but also as they continue to grow alongside us and scale their businesses,” said Eddie Curry, president and CEO of Premium Franchise Brands. “A passion for helping aspiring business owners launch their own franchise locations is embedded in our DNA. Every member of our team is fully invested in ensuring the continued growth of our franchisees and the JAN-PRO brand.”

Beyond its two-tiered model and extensive support system, JAN-PRO goes above and beyond to make its business ownership opportunity affordable and accessible to its owners. The start-up costs associated with becoming a Master Franchisee are based on a franchise fee of $20,000 per 100,000 population. According to the brand’s estimations, that investment typically falls between $172,750 and $757,000.

“The benefits associated with our one of a kind Master Franchisee model go far beyond personal success. In addition to building a business for themselves, our owners have the opportunity to help others in their community realize their entrepreneurial dreams,” said Thompson. “That’s why we’re confident that the Master Franchisees in Singapore who sign on to be a part of our rapidly growing and rewarding system will be able to hit the ground running.”

How JAN-PRO’s Approach to Franchising Enables Experienced Entrepreneur to Become the Leader in Australia’s Commercial Cleaning Industry

One Master Franchisee who has been able to successfully tap into JAN-PRO’s growth potential on a global level is Riaz Rafiq. Rafiq initially served as a franchisee for another cleaning company for 10 years before deciding to bring JAN-PRO to his home in Australia as a Master Franchisee.  After reaching a point in his career where he was no longer being challenged, Rafiq was inspired to make a move and recognized JAN-PRO’s business opportunity as a stepping stone backed by an unrivaled level of growth potential.

“No one had ever heard of a concept like ours when we first brought JAN-PRO to Australia. Even though commercial cleaning was an in-demand service, it wasn’t visible as a viable business ownership opportunity. But now that we’ve been up and running for six years, the industry here is really booming,” said Rafiq. “JAN-PRO brings a level of quality and customer service to the commercial cleaning industry that’s otherwise missing. We were the first ones here to introduce a guarantee to our clients, for example, which has really helped us stand out. And our customers are consistently satisfied with the work that we do—JAN-PRO’s brand name and corporate support system mean something to our customers.”

Since signing on to become a Master Franchisee in September of 2011, Rafiq has added 120 unit franchisees to his network. He says that rapid expansion is possible because of JAN-PRO’s unique model—it’s the only company in the industry that can say that its owners are doing the cleaning. That level of personal involvement and accountability then stands out to clients across Australia, ultimately allowing Rafiq and his team of Unit Franchisees to grow.

That growth is already taking place on a consistent basis—Rafiq’s goal is to surpass $12 million in sales by the end of the year, and bring the number of Unit Franchisees working with him to 200.

“To be honest, what makes JAN-PRO work is its great business model. And it all starts from the top down—every member of the brand’s team is passionate about seeing the concept succeed everywhere it’s open for business,” Rafiq said. “Having been in the franchising industry for years, I mean it when I say that there isn’t another brand like JAN-PRO out there. We’ve already grown a tremendous amount, but the door for future business opportunities is still wide open.”

JAN-PRO Provides Aspiring Entrepreneur with the Tools, Resources and Support Needed to Thrive as a Business Owner in India

Pulin Shroff decided to become a Master Franchisee in the country after deciding that he wanted to be in business for himself, but not by himself. As a lifelong entrepreneur who had experience running his family’s business, he knew that he was looking for an opportunity that provided him with not only the opportunity to be financially successful, but to also help others realize their dream of business ownership. As soon as he discovered JAN-PRO’s business ownership opportunity, he knew that he found the perfect business to partner with.

“It came down to the fact that JAN-PRO’s opportunity was lucrative for me here in India. By promising a good service and delivering it, we’re differentiating ourselves from the competition and continuing to stand out to clients across the country,” said Shroff. “It has also been incredibly easy to adapt JAN-PRO’s business model to Indian culture. We operate a little differently here because commercial cleaning is often done during the day, and not at night like other countries. But the brand’s team helped us get up and running even with our unique schedule, and I couldn’t be happier with our success so far.”

Even though JAN-PRO’s business model has been customized to fit India’s business environment, it’s still experiencing rapid growth. Since signing on as a Master owner in 2013, Shroff has added six Unit Franchisees to his system. And those local owners have the ability to expand their reach in larger than normal territories, allowing them to reach customers that weren’t being served before.

In order to continue building on that success, Shroff is planning to bring the JAN-PRO brand to new communities across India. Right now, his goal is to sign four new Unit Franchisees by the end of 2017, which would put the brand in 10 of the country’s biggest cities for businesses.

“At its core, JAN-PRO is a great company. They’re always there to offer support when we need it, but they aren’t questioning us constantly or taking away our independence. The brand’s corporate team has discovered the perfect balance that’s needed to run a successful business on a global level,” said Shroff. “Going forward, we plan to continue working with JAN-PRO’s corporate team to help our Unit Franchisees and ultimately take our business to the next level. The opportunities for growth with JAN-PRO are endless, and we plan on making the most of them in the near future.”