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Unique Business Model Positions JAN-PRO for Rapid International Growth
After closing three Master Franchise deals in key development markets last year, the leading commercial cleaning brand has its sights set on adding an additional three international territories to its system in 2017.

Standing out in the $58 billion a year commercial cleaning business is no easy feat. As demand continues to rise in the recession resistant industry, there are more companies competing for business than ever before. But when it comes to being the best, JAN-PRO consistently sweeps up the competition.

Backed by its proven franchise model—which includes both Master and local unit franchisees—JAN-PRO has solidified its position at the forefront of the growing commercial cleaning industry. Since first openings its doors for business in 1991, the brand has experienced exponential growth. Right now, JAN-PRO’s system is made up of 140 Regional and Country Master Franchisees totaling nearly 8,000 units across the globe. That network is spread across 16 countries, ultimately allowing the brand to serve more than 41,000 customers. And as JAN-PRO continues its development efforts in 2017, all of those numbers are expected to jump.

“Not only are we engaging more customers than ever before, we’re also bringing in Master and unit franchise owners at an incredibly rapid pace. That has put us in the position to experience a record breaking year in terms of development,” said Eddie Curry, president and CEO of JAN-PRO’s parent company Premium Franchise Brands. “Our Master Franchisees are consistently seeing growth in their markets year after year, and that’s a trend that we expect to continue throughout 2017.”

JAN-PRO is planning to build on the impressive momentum it established in 2016 as it works towards its new development goals, especially on the international front. Last year alone, JAN-PRO sold three key international markets: Poland, the Dominican Republic and Panama. The brand plans to repeat that success in 2017 by selling another three international territories. And while the opportunity for growth is wide open in markets all over the world, JAN-PRO is actively targeting specific areas for development including locations in Latin America, Eastern Europe and Southeast Asia.

To spearhead development efforts in those regions, JAN-PRO is looking for more Country Master Franchisees to join its system outside of the U.S. Those Country Master Franchisees aren’t your typical franchise owners. The brand’s business model operates as a three-tiered system. While Regional Master Franchisees serve as an experienced executive who’s focused on developing a specific territory, unit franchisees operate their own individual businesses and provide the cleaning services to the customers. And according to Scott Thompson, vice president of franchise development for Premium Franchise Brands, that model is one of the main factors helping JAN-PRO break into new territories both domestically and internationally.

“By capitalizing on the structure and power of our Master Franchise model, we’re able to grow in new markets faster than the competition. Between our support system and our strong brand awareness, owners who sign on to develop the JAN-PRO brand are set up for success,” Thompson said.

How a Desire to Give Back to His Local Community Led a Master Franchisee to JAN-PRO’s Unique Business Opportunity

That success is visible to Charles Smith, JAN-PRO’s Master Franchisee in New Orleans, Louisiana. After realizing that his career in IT management services had reached its peak, Smith started looking for a business ownership opportunity of his own. But finding the right brand for him was harder than he ever imagined—he wanted to partner with a brand that allowed him to do more to help people in his local community. That’s when he stumbled across JAN-PRO at a trade show. Right away, Smith knew that he found his next career move.

What immediately stood out to Smith was the brand’s Master Franchise opportunity. He purchased the entire New Orleans territory in order to gain access to a large number of businesses, and to say that he’s tapped into that potential would be an understatement. Since signing on to the develop the JAN-PRO brand across New Orleans in 2014, Smith has built up a system of nearly 300 customers. That active approach to building his business shows—to date, Smith has had the fastest start of any Master Franchisee in JAN-PRO’s entire history. While Master Franchisees typically sell anywhere between four and 15 unit franchises in their first year, Smith sold 28. And in the two and a half years since opening his doors for business, he’s had more than 85 unit franchisees in business.

“I’ve helped 85 people launch their own companies. That’s not something that a lot of business owners can say, and it’s why I love JAN-PRO’s business model,” Smith said. “Being a JAN-PRO Master Franchisee has absolutely changed my life. I’ve never worked this hard before, but I’ve also never been more passionate about what I’m doing on a daily basis. And despite all of the success that I’ve seen with the brand in my territory, I know that there are still opportunities for growth out there. There’s no ceiling when you’re a JAN-PRO Master franchisee—the brand is willing to work with you to help you reach the next level.”

JAN-PRO’s Recession Resistant Business Model Enables Master Franchisee to Grow as an Entrepreneur Across Mexico

Another Country Master Franchisee who’s taking his entrepreneurial spirit to that next level with the help of JAN-PRO is Otman Barnetche. Barnetche is proving that JAN-PRO’s business model has the potential to be successful on the international stage—he runs the business with his father in Mexico. He never planned to go into business for himself, but after his dad’s real estate business experienced the negative effects of the economic downturn, he realized the importance of being involved with a recession resistant industry.

Barnetche and his father looked at a variety of different business ownership opportunities, but JAN-PRO stood out as the one with the most growth potential. And since starting operations in early 2013, they’ve been able to see that potential through. They currently have 13 unit franchisees operating in their Tijuana territory, and another four large Regional Master Franchises up and running in Mexico City.

“It’s been an incredibly rewarding experience bringing the JAN-PRO brand to Mexico. We just started our Mexico City operations this past September and we already have four local owners up and running—that type of growth isn’t available in a lot of other industries,” said Barnetche. “I’d recommend JAN-PRO to anyone looking to run their own business. While you might not think of commercial cleaning as being the best business opportunity on your own, it’s clear that the growth potential is there as soon as you learn more about the model. The brand’s system is designed to encourage and foster expansion.”

Barnetche is planning to continue growing across Mexico by targeting key areas like Guadalajara, Monterrey, Queretaro, Bajio and Puebla for development. He says that continued expansion is possible because of JAN-PRO’s commitment to both social and financial responsibility.

“Mexico is ready for a better quality of commercial cleaning providers, and JAN-PRO is capitalizing on that demand. There are hundreds of people here looking for business ownership opportunities, and the brand is a perfect fit here. From its affordable initial investment to its ability to provide corporate support, entrepreneurs across Mexico can really benefit from joining our system,” Barnetche said. “Every single business that exists is in need of a cleaning service, even when the economy isn’t doing so well. That gives JAN-PRO the type of staying power that other brands don’t have access to.”

Unique Competitive Advantages Position JAN-PRO Master Franchisees for Success

In addition to its sustainable nature, JAN-PRO’s business ownership opportunity provides entrepreneurs with an automatic leg up on the competition. Because the brand isn’t reliant solely on big, high-rise companies to be its clients, JAN-PRO sees the opportunity for growth in all types of markets. From universities, religious facilities, medical and high schools to general office space, there’s no shortage of demand for JAN-PRO’s services. The brand also has the ability to reach more potential clients than other smaller businesses because it’s backed by superior equipment, vendors, pricing, marketing materials and IT systems.

Beyond those competitive advantages, the start-up costs associated with becoming a JAN-PRO Master Franchisee are also affordable for new owners. They’re based on a franchise fee of $20,000 per 100,000 population, which typically falls between $172,750 and $757,000, according to the brand’s estimations.

“One constant that’s found across our entire system is quality. From our Master Franchisees to the services that they’re providing on a daily basis, every part of the JAN-PRO brand is designed to be the best in its class,” said Thompson. “That’s what makes our branded processes stand out—there isn’t another company out there that can compete with our business model. By continuing to welcome top tier Master Franchisees into our system all across the globe, there’s no doubt that JAN-PRO will continue to raise the bar in the commercial cleaning industry.”