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JAN-PRO Identifies Untapped Market of Des Moines, Iowa for Expansion; Seeks Master Franchisee to Spearhead Growth
JAN-PRO is bringing its unrivaled services and unique business model to Des Moines, Iowa, a relatively untapped target development market.

Demand for top-tier commercial cleaning services has never been higher. But despite that spike in popularity, there’s only one brand consistently making the most out of those potential business opportunities: JAN-PRO. With nearly 8,000 units across the globe, the brand is the fastest growing company in the industry.

Since its founding in 1991, growth has always been the brand’s biggest focus. Today, it’s bringing in new customers at a higher rate than ever before. Its number of unit franchisees continues to grow. And its master franchisees continue to see year after year growth. According to Scott Thompson, the Vice President of Franchise Development for Premium Franchise Brands, it’s a continual upward climb that shows no signs of slowing down.

“No matter the size of the market—whether big or small—there’s still plenty of opportunity for growth. With territories available all over the U.S., in almost every state and in almost every country, we’ve yet to see a limit to our growth,” Thompson said.

From domestic cities like Las Cruces, New Mexico; and Sioux Falls, South Dakota, to international locations like Latin America, Eastern Europe and Southeast Asia, JAN-PRO sees opportunity in nearly every market throughout the world. That’s because as a commercial cleaning business, JAN-PRO isn’t reliant solely on big, high-rise companies. From universities and day care centers, to high schools and car dealerships, if there’s a business, there’s a need for JAN-PRO’s services. And because local mom-and-pop owners often can’t compete with the breadth of JAN-PRO’s equipment, vendors, prices, marketing materials, IT systems and network, there’s an untapped customer base, too. 

Now, JAN-PRO is bringing its unrivaled services and unique business model to Des Moines, Iowa, a relatively untapped target development market.

With a metro population of 623,200, according to Forbes, and the 6th place spot on the publication’s most recent list of the best places for businesses and careers, Des Moines offers JAN-PRO a strong business economy. Scott Thompson, the brand’s Vice President of Franchise Development, says that then opens the door for both master and unit franchisees to successfully launch their own businesses in the area.

“Des Moines is an ideal development market for the JAN-PRO brand. Its city is rich with businesses in need of our services, giving prospective franchisees the opportunity to tap into that heightened level of demand,” said Thompson. “We’re confident that local owners who sign on to bring JAN-PRO to Des Moines will be able to hit the ground running. Our proven business model and unparalleled support system have a long history of setting franchisees up for success, and there’s no doubt that the same will hold true in Iowa.”

JAN-PRO offers prospective owners the opportunity to be a Master Franchisee. That means that in addition to building their own successful business and driving the brand forward as a whole, Master Franchisees have the chance to help other entrepreneurs realize their potential as local business owners. It’s a one of a kind opportunity—the average JAN-PRO regional Master Franchisee brings in $1.2 million in gross profit.

Startup costs for a new Master Franchisee are initially based on a franchise fee of $20,000 per 100,000 population. By JAN-PRO’s estimations, that initial investment should fall between $172,750 and $757,000 depending on other factors like real estate and location.

“We’re excited to team up with passionate and driven franchisees across the Des Moines area. Between our proven model and their knowledge of the local market, there’s no limit to JAN-PRO’s potential growth across the city in the months and years to come,” said Eddie Curry, the president and CEO of Premium Franchise Brands.

Master Franchisee Scott Hockensmith Experiences Widespread Success in Colorado

Scott Hockensmith is one of several master franchisees who have already found success throughout the Midwest. After earning their degrees on the East Coast, it was time for Candy and Scott Hockensmith to make a new beginning for themselves. The couple settled into their new digs in the Denver area in 1980, but they were anything but complacent—Scott went on to earn his MBA from Southern Illinois University and Candy earned an MA from the University of California.

Upon graduating with their MBA’s, Scott worked his way up to become the director of global sales for Siemens alongside his eldest son. While Scott was wheeling and dealing, Candy taught business communications seminars across the country. It was only a matter of time until the Hockensmith’s ambition would drive them to explore new pursuits, though. This time, that curiosity steered the family into the franchise industry.

Candy, Scott Sr. and Scott Jr. perused food and retail franchises, but they wanted a surefire recession-proof business. That’s when commercial cleaning came to mind. After learning about the brand’s outstanding reputation, the couple chose to partner with JAN-PRO, an international cleaning franchising setting out to offer the highest-quality cleaning techniques and systems available to offices and commercial and health care facilities.

“We chose JAN-PRO because it is a business that is easily expandable, has an outstanding reputation and is also recession-proof,” Scott said. “JAN-PRO’s business model has a strong infrastructure with all master franchise owners being directly involved with each franchisee. The brand is also extremely family-oriented and consumer friendly.”

The Hockensmith family established the first JAN-PRO location in Colorado and has spearheaded growth throughout the state, currently managing more than 170 active franchisees. Combining corporate experiences, Scott, Candy and Scott Jr. have expanded the JAN-PRO business and helped other JAN-PRO franchisees to achieve success in their own locations. From managing Sales Force education to conducting training workshops and communication seminars, the team of three has the experience to positively affect the brand and every franchisee working with JAN-PRO.

Nearly 15 years later, the Hockensmiths have experienced widespread success. The family has built up their territory in Denver to a company that generates nearly $15 million in revenue a year. And according to Scott, he sees no signs of slowing down.

“JAN-PRO is a brand with an outstanding reputation. But even more than that, commercial cleaning will always be needed—it’s an industry that can withstand any kind of economic downturn,” Scott said. “JAN-PRO is No. 1 in the entire industry. And yet, this is just the beginning for the brand throughout the Midwest and beyond.”  

Master Franchisee Mark Liebich Introduces JAN-PRO Experience to Boise, Idaho

Mark Liebich understands the rigors of running a franchise. For nearly 15 years he has been in the trenches, executing sales for new locations and providing franchisees with the tools they need to get the job done. Now, Liebich will be bringing his expertise to the JAN-PRO family as the new Master Franchisee for the Boise, Idaho territory.

Boasting a population over 214,000 and growing, dozens of government buildings, restaurants and schools—just a handful of JAN-PRO’s many client categories—stretch across the state’s 80 square miles of mountain ranges and charming townscapes. And with a wealth of ground to be cleaned by JAN-PRO’s award-winning services and patented technology, the brand is ready to stake their claim throughout Boise—and Liebich is the perfect Master Franchisee to execute that vision. 

With years of experience under his belt, Liebich is leading the development of franchises throughout the Boise territory. Before coming to JAN-PRO, Liebich managed Sandella’s Flatbread Cafe. He mostly dealt with franchise sales and the brand had 130 units by the time he left the company. After parting ways with Sandella’s, Liebich was looking for a new opportunity in the franchising world that that had a strong infrastructure, would allow him to grow over time and let him and his family to stay in their hometown—Boise. JAN-PRO was the perfect match. 

“JAN-PRO itself has a strong business model and structure that leads its franchisees to success. A year into operating JAN-PRO of Boise, and I’m already seeing the immense benefits of the brand’s unique model,” Liebich said. “As my business grows, I’m helping to bring more jobs and more revenue to other entrepreneurs. That in itself inspires me every single day.”

Gary Critzer Seamlessly Transitions into Role as Master Franchisee of JAN-PRO in Spokane, Washington

Like many JAN-PRO master franchisees, Gary Critzer was introduced to the brand by a franchise broker.

“[The broker] brought up a variety of opportunities, but JAN-PRO was the one I settled on,” Critzer said.

However, based on his background, being a master franchisee helping unit owners succeed in the commercial cleaning sector may not be the first thing to jump to mind. Critzer previously worked in a family business that dealt with truck equipment distribution. He was there for 25 years, spending the last 10 as president of the company. After selling the business, Critzer found himself on the hunt for an opportunity with plenty of potential. JAN-PRO fit the bill.

“The model was of great interest to me,” he said. “Through my due diligence, speaking with a number of current Master Franchise owners, I felt confident that this particular business model and the company could be a good fit for me.”

Once he made his decision, Critzer headed off to Chicago for two weeks of training.

“I was training during winter in Chicago while my wife went on a cruise to the Caribbean,” Critzer said with a laugh. “After that, it was a simple matter of coming back, leasing an office space, getting an ad in the paper and getting down to work.”

While Critzer knew he could always count on corporate support, he was even more impressed by the community of Master Franchisees he found himself in.

“I’ve become close friends with many of them,” he said. “In the beginning, I leaned on them to help me, answer questions and share expertise. Everyone was more than willing to talk and listen.”

Running the JAN-PRO Northwest region out of Spokane, Washington, Critzer said his business’s performance has exceeded his expectations.

“Based on what were able to do here, we blew our forecast out of the water,” he said. “We were one of the smallest markets in the system, but we’ve been able to have great success. Part of that was growing up in this market; I knew a lot of other people from business, friendships, guys I went to school with. It opened a lot of doors for clientele.”