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Backed by 8,000 Units and Counting, JAN-PRO’s Upward Climb Shows No Signs of Slowing Down
Much of JAN-PRO’s continued success over the years has to do with its nearly limitless territory availability.

Few industries can claim the incredible growth potential that commercial cleaning can. A simple Google search will pull up dozens of reports showing a massive upside to what is already a $58 billion a year business. And none are positioned to take advantage of the enormous potential in the industry better than JAN-PRO.

There are two simple reasons for that: visionary leadership and a commitment to creating a business plan built for success. Since its founding in 1991, JAN-PRO’s growth has skyrocketed. Today, the brand boasts 140 master franchisees totaling nearly 8,000 unit franchisees across the globe in 16 countries. They serve more than 41,000 customers. Most recently, JAN-PRO was ranked in Entrepreneur 500 as one of the top fastest-growing franchise brands and the number one in its category overall for the last 9 years running. And Eddie Curry, the President and CEO of Premium Franchise Brands, has every reason to believe that the brand will only keep growing.

“Growth is our biggest focus at JAN-PRO. Today, we’re bringing in new customers at a higher rate than ever before. Our number of unit franchisees continues to grow. And our master franchisees continue to see year after year growth. It’s a continual upward climb that shows no signs of slowing down,” Curry said.

According to Scott Thompson, the Vice President of Franchise Development for Premium Franchise Brands, much of JAN-PRO’s continued success over the years has to do with the nearly limitless territory availability. From domestic cities like Des Moines, Iowa; Las Cruces, New Mexico; and Sioux Falls, South Dakota, to international locations like Latin America, Eastern Europe and Southeast Asia, JAN-PRO sees opportunity in nearly every market throughout the world. That’s because as a commercial cleaning business, JAN-PRO isn’t reliant solely on big, high-rise companies. From universities and day care centers, to high schools and car dealerships, if there’s a business, there’s a need for JAN-PRO’s services. And because local mom-and-pop owners often can’t compete with the breadth of JAN-PRO’s equipment, vendors, prices, marketing materials, IT systems and network, there’s an untapped customer base, too. 

“No matter the size of the market—whether big or small—there’s still plenty of opportunity for growth. With territories available all over the U.S., in almost every state and in almost every country, there’s plenty of blank canvas for JAN-PRO to make its mark on,” Thompson said.

The start-up costs associated with becoming a JAN-PRO Master Franchisee are also affordable for new owners. They’re based on a franchise fee of $20,000 per 100,000 population, which typically falls between $172,750 and $757,000, according to the brand’s estimations.

Another important element fueling JAN-PRO’s continued growth is its model. Developed as a two-tiered system, the brand utilizes master and unit franchisees, which puts an experienced executive in charge of developing a territory, while unit franchisees manage their book of customers. Master Franchisees are accountable for growing their own business, and their territories grow as more and more unit franchisees are added. According to Curry, this has helped the brand attract high-caliber Master Franchisees.

“We’re proud to have such an impressive network of master owners who come to us with distinguished corporate careers,” Curry added. “Investing in JAN-PRO yields an opportunity for huge growth potential. But beyond that, these owners recognize the value they get in return. They’re not confined within four walls—they can operate in a corporate-like environment like they’re used to, but they can truly grow their business to be as large as they envision. With JAN-PRO, there truly is no limit to what a Master Owner can do.”


Brad Wallace is one of many Master Franchisees who can personally attest to the immense value of JAN-PRO’s differentiated business model. As a former Manhattan investment banker, Wallace has helped put together his fair share of deals. But after spending six years in the business, Wallace had hit a wall.

So he decided to scour an assortment of opportunities, and from that experience, Wallace emerged as the Master Franchisee, President and Owner of JAN-PRO of Greater New York, headquartered in Mineola, New York. This was nearly four years ago. Today, Wallace is on his way to becoming the leader of one of the largest JAN-PRO master offices in North America—and he has the growth numbers to prove it.

Last year alone, Wallace has welcomed 26 new franchisees into the system, and they’re spread throughout his office’s entire territory---which includes the five New York boroughs and Long Island. Combined, JAN-PRO of Greater New York serves more than 300 customers to date.

“We’ve experienced immense growth in a single year. It’s an incredible thing to think about when you realize that just three and a half years ago, Greater New York was a completely untouched market for JAN-PRO—they didn’t have a presence here at all,” Wallace said. “And yet, despite this increase, we’re really only scratching the surface of this opportunity. The Greater New York territory is vast, and we could easily have room for a couple hundred franchisees. So in a lot of ways, this is just the beginning. That’s an exciting thing to think about.”

Wallace believes that the reason for JAN-PRO’s rapid success in Greater New York comes from the sheer size of the territory, giving him boundless room to expand his network in a city booming with businesses.

“There’s so much opportunity for us to continue our quick growth because the market is so large and we’re a new brand in the territory—there’s a lot of room to expand,” Wallace said. “And because there are so many businesses throughout the boroughs and Long Island, there are plenty of people for JAN-PRO to call on and partner with.”


Gregg Prescott and Steve Brodack are two other Master Franchisees that have thrived with the brand. They first joined JAN-PRO’s system back in 1997, when there were only three other Master Owners in the brand’s entire system. For nearly two decades, Prescott and Brodack have grown with JAN-PRO, and saw the company evolve to be the industry leader that it is today.

“The growth that JAN-PRO has experienced since we first became Master Owners is kind of crazy. At the beginning, the brand’s corporate support team was made up of two people,” said Prescott. “Now, we’re in 16 different countries with support teams established across the world. I really can’t say enough about the people who are a part of this franchise system—there’s a tangible commitment to make sure everyone is successful.”

To say that Prescott and Brodack have been successful would be an understatement—the business partners have established a network of more than 600 customers and over 150 local franchise owners throughout New Jersey and Delaware.

In the years ahead, as JAN-PRO aims to take its time-tested model to more markets than ever before, successful Master Owners like Wallace, Prescott and Brodack can all agree that there’s another important element fueling the brand’s rapid growth—and that’s the opportunity to change people’s lives. 

“From the very beginning, we knew JAN-PRO opened the door to a business opportunity that can’t be found anywhere else. As master franchisees, we’ve been able to help our unit franchisees build a sustainable business that will keep churning for years to come,” Wallace said. “The opportunity has spoken for itself in our community. We’re continually building off our previous success as more and more franchisees come to us to join our growing system. We’re giving people a way to embrace and live out the American Dream. And no matter what state you’re from—however big or small—that’s something that everyone wants to be a part of.”