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Recession proves to be no problem for commercial cleaning segment
The commercial cleaning segment continues to thrive.

The commercial cleaning business has proved time and time again that is generally recession-proof and continues to post high numbers across the franchising segment. The commercial cleaning segment –which reduces the cost of efficient cleaning procedures for businesses – has many more offices outsourcing in-office cleaning services, making the commercial cleaning segment one of the fastest growing in the franchising industry.

Growing at an average of 10 percent in sales, the segment is not only the fastest growing franchises, but one of the most lucrative businesses in the United States, as ranked by Entrepreneur Magazine.

According to Rich Kissane, chief executive of Premium Franchise Brands, parent to JAN-PRO and sister residential-cleaning brand Maid Right, businesses take care of their offices and facilities by keeping them clean for the added benefit of employees and customers.

“Even in tougher economic times, businesses tend to their offices,” Kissane said. “This makes our segment fairly recession-resistant, and the reason we’ve been able to grow during the economic downturn.”

By operating on a two-pronged model, the commercial cleaning segment attracts master franchisees, as well as unit-franchisees that seek the independence of business ownership.

“We’re continuously growing, regardless of economic landscape, because we have redoubled our efforts to recruit business leaders and also by investing heavily in technology and product enhancements to stay competitive in a growing industry,” Kissane added.

In order to keep up with demand, JAN-PRO expects to add to its continuously expanding system. The brand, which currently has 10,000 owner-operators across the United States, has recently added new territories in the Florida Panhandle, Columbus, Georgia and Louisiana and expects to sign 1,000 new owner-operators at the local level. Internationally, the brand recently signed development deals in Peru, Nigeria and India and in 2015 has a primary focus to develop in Latin America, Asia and Europe.